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2022 EFMD Marcom, External & Alumni Relations Conference

If your job is to communicate what your business school does and engage people to connect with your school across many intersections, this is the conference for you to attend.

Transformation is at the forefront of every sector as a result of recent turbulence. We see it in Marcom on many levels: new ways of working or dealing with suppliers, new tools, new team members' talents required, and changing roles within the organisation.

We thought it would be a timely topic to try to demystify transformation, to see how business schools now operate and engage with their stakeholders, or how current roles will evolve in the future. We will examine how different corporations are tackling transformation to help business schools learn from their experiences.

If you have never attended an EFMD Marcom Conference, know that we aim for a diverse group of participant job functions. We want to learn from different perspectives and levels of seniority.

The core value of this conference is diverse networking with people from various functions within the sphere of external relations, which contributes to the richness of this event by re-creating the diversity you have in your schools.

We would love for you to join us in the Netherlands on 27-29 June for the first EFMD Marcom Conference in person since 2019.

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