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News from BMDA members
  • In June was held the first training on emotional intelligence for business

    5-6 of June 2016 was held the first training on how to use emotional intelligence in business, which was attended by managers and owners of various business sectors. The training program is based on the Yale methodologies and was developed and implemented by a certified tutor of emotional intelligence (European Association of Cultural and Emotionally Intelligent Projects) - Alexandra Egorushkina.

  • Fare vale ceremony for Montenegro Olympic team

    The classes at UDG will traditionally begin on July 4 for newly enrolled student generation. They will go to Ivanova Korita and the race to the top of Mount Lovcen - "Lovcen marathon of UDG students", where the Rector will give his first lecture in front of the Njegoš mausoleum. The winners of the marathon, the best male and female contestant will get free tuition at UDG.

  • Camp for talents

    University of Donja Gorica UDG will organize "Camp for talent" in Cetinje, from Thursday 30th June to Tuesday 5th July, for students of 9th grade of elementary school and first year of high school, who are willing to express their talent or creativity, imagination, imagination, willpower, initiative and innovation.

  • IMTA Further Expands its Reach in Developing Management Educators

    The 17th edition of CEEMAN’s IMTA-International Management Teachers Academy that hosted 25 participants from 14 countries, concluded on Thursday, 23 June with the graduation ceremony and a dinner at the spectacular Bled Castle. IMTA is a major hub for faculty development in the area of management education: close to 570 educators from 160 institutions and 49 countries around the world have completed IMTA since 2000.

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