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  • Prof. Iryna Tykhomyrova elected as BMDA acting president

    We would like to inform you of an important development at the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA). During the BMDA conference in Gdansk on April 25-26, a board meeting was held at which Iryna Tykhomyrova, BMDA Vice President and President of MIM Business School (Ukraine), was appointed Acting President of BMDA

  • BMDA member MCI Management Center Innsbruck receives BMDA significant impact award

    BMDA Significant award has been given for integrating sustainability principles across MCI operations and academic programs and receiving recognition with the award of a UNESCO Chair for Futures Capability for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • 22nd Annual BMDA Conference: Insightful Content, Intimate Networking, and Esteemed Attendees

    The 22nd Annual Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) Conference, themed "Mastering the Future: AI Impact on Business Models and Practice," was a showcase of high-caliber content, intimate networking opportunities, and distinguished participants. Over 50 professionals from 16 countries, including Estonia, the United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, China, the United States, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Ukraine, gathered in Gdańsk for this prestigious event hosted by BMDA member, Collegium Prometricum.

  • 1st day of 22nd Annual BMDA Conference

    On April 25th, the 22nd Annual Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) Conference commenced at the European Solidarity Center, a location of profound historical significance in Poland. This inaugural day, aptly titled the "Day of Inspiration,"

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