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The II International Forum "Entrepreneurship Education in Rising Societies: Transformation of Values"

May 30, 2018
from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Almaty, Kazakhstan
The speakers of the previous Forum were the leading experts such as Andrew Main Wilson, CEO of Association of AMBAs, UK, Gligor Tashkovich, former Minister of Foreign Investment of Macedonia, Andrew Wachtel, President of American University in Central Asia, Vinod Radhakeesoon, Senior Director at Babson College Executive and Enterprise Education, Umut Shayakhmetova, Chairman of the Board of JSC Halyk Bank Kazakhstan, Arcot Desai, professor at the Singapore University of Management, Mikhaylo Milovanovich, Expert of the European Training Foundation, Bonnie Chen, professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Yerbol Ismailov, Director general of Centre of Social Cooperation and Communication, National Welfare Fund Samruk Kazyna, Konstantin Yeliseyev, Managing Partner of PWC Russia and Central Asia, and others.

The Forum will bring together renowned Kazakhstani and international experts and opinion leaders, representatives of the government, diplomatic missions, business community, academia and mass media, to discuss the values and trends that shape modern entrepreneurial education in dynamic societies.


CONTACT NAME: Aigerim Kaumenova

CONTACT PHONE: +77273133074



The Forum will look at the new challenges, values, impact of entrepreneurial education on country’s economy, as well as into new forms of corporate entrepreneurship, assurance and success factors of entrepreneurship as itself, competencies in the development of entrepreneurial universities, analysis of best practices in teaching entrepreneurship to young people, youth entrepreneurship trends, etc.


We kindly invite you to join our Forum and to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship education on the global scale. 

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