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“Deep Learning and HPC” training successfully completed by UDG!

The University of Donja Gorica (UDG), EuroCC Montenegro (national competence center for supercomputers) in cooperation with the National Center of Spain (NCC Spain) organized the course “Deep Learning and HPC”.

Guest lecturers from renowned institutions such as Petar Veličković from the University of Cambridge and DeepMind (Introduction to Graph Neural Network), Borja Pavon from Universidad de Cantabria and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (High-Performance Computing systems), Sergio Perez from Graphcore and Imperial College London (Making new AI breakthroughs with Graphcore IPU), Itana Bulatović from AI Clearing and Shanghai Jiao Tong University China (Deep Learning for Computer Vision), Andreea Deac from  Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (Deep Reinforcement Learning), Aleksa Šuković from Max Planck Institute (Advanced NLP), Nikola Bulatović from University of Montenegro and Uhura (Introduction to NLP),  were involved in the implementation of the training. These classes are organized online for all interested participants.

During this training, we had 30 to 35 active participants from the start to the end of the course. The first and last classes were organized by teachers from UDG and NCC Montenegro (Stevan Čakić and Stevan Šandi) in person for students from UDG (Introduction to Deep Learning, Deep Learning for HPC, Deep Learning with Business and Ethics in AI). The course was mandatory for students of the master’s program Artificial Intelligence as an integral part of the course Deep Learning.

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