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A panel discussion "Career in banking - Experiences and recommendations" was held at the UDG

On Monday, April 24th, a panel discussion on "Career in banking: Experiences and recommendations" was held at the University of Donja Gorica. This discussion aimed to inform the students of UDG, as well as the general public, about the advantages, challenges and ways to overcome those challenges on the path of building a career in banking, as well as about what skills and qualities are needed for a successful career in this industry.

They talked about the importance of banks as the lifeblood of the economy, and also about the importance of the bank as a responsible corporate and social participant. Among other things, the role of banks as a significant leader in the energy transformation of society was highlighted.

The participants in the panel discussion were representatives of the leading banks in Montenegro and the region and experts in the field of banking: Stela Boskovic, member of the Board of Directors of CKB responsible for the Sector of Corporate Governance and Bank Security, Ana Golubovic, member of the Board of Directors of Hipotekarna banka, Milena Vukotic, member of the Executive Board of Unicredit Bank Serbia, Director of the Risk Management Sector and Danijela Vukoslavovic, Deputy Director of the Retail Sector, Erste Bank.

The panel discussion was attended by about 300 visitors, who had the opportunity to hear from the panelists and their, not only professional, but also life experience that guided them and continues to guide them on the path to business success. The topics discussed by the panelists related to: the role of imagination in achieving personal and professional success, the role of mentors, and the key qualities (virtues and weaknesses) that were helpful in their career path. Likewise, they were very open to a large number of student questions that followed the panel discussion, which concerned digitization and significant changes in the banking sector at the country and regional level, fueled by global trends in the field of Fintech, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

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