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AlmaU conquers Everest

Famous Kazakhstani climber Maksut Zhumayev, AlmaU's MBA student, conquered Everest for the second time

The Kazakhstan citizen became one of the few people who climbed from both the northern and southern sides of the highest point of the Himalayas.

For the first time, Maksut Zhumayev climbed to the highest point of the planet (8,848 meters) in 2007. Last time he climbed from the northern side.

On the morning of May 18, 2018, around 9 am, a historical event happened - Maksut Zhumayev, a legendary climber and also an AlmaU MBA student who conquered all 14 eight-thousandths of the world without oxygen, became one of 11 people in the world who climbed Mount Everest twice - from the northern and southern side.

Maksut raised the flag of AlmaU on the Everest in honor of the 30th anniversary of his Alma Mater, after which he began the descent to the camp.

May 12, the Almaty Management University expedition consisting of the Kozhakhmetov brothers: Asylbek, Altynbek and Tulegen - and the chairperson of AlmaU Mountain Club Gulmira Mukhanova started its journey from Almaty to meet the legendary climber Maksut Zhumaev in the camp at the foot of Everest. 

On the way of the travelers, Maksut Zhumayev had left traces - the university logo stickers as a surprise quest so the expedition met these marks throughout the journey.

When word came in that Maksut had climbed Mount Everest, the group managed to get through to him. The travelers agreed to meet on the May 19 evening or on the May 20 morning in the base camp. On May 20, the group entered the base camp of Everest. On arrival, the travelers found a Maksut Zhumayev’s tent in the camp: he had already flown to Kathmandu by that time. Although the meeting with the conqueror of Everest in the base camp did not take place, the group managed to talk to the team that helped the expedition to Mount Everest.

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