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AlmaU "MegaChance"

Results of the 14th annual "MegaChance" Republican Olympiad

The "Mega Chance" Olympiad has been held since 2004. Annually, the AlmaU provides an opportunity for gifted and talented applicants to receive scholarships and discounts for education!

In 2018, more than 800 graduates of schools and colleges from all over Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad.

Based on the results of all rounds, the Contest Committee determined 60 winners and prize-winners who received 100% grants and discounts of 50% and 25% for education in Almaty Management University!

Grants and discounts of the Olympiad "Mega Chance":

·                     1st place - 15 winners - 100% grant for 4 years of study;

·                     2nd place - 15 prize-winners - 50% discount for 4 years of study;

·                     3rd place - 30 prize-winners - 25% discount for 4 years of study.

The results of the Olympiad can be found HERE.

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