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BA School of Business and Finance offers a new generation study program “BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT”

The study program offered by BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia is aimed at a new type of business and next-generation leaders in management of business processes.

The Rector of BA School of Business and Finance, professor Andris Sarnovics highlighted: “Continuous development of high quality education is an essential part of future oriented business schools’ strategies and it contributes significantly to the graduates’ career growth in the global labor market”.

Thus, the new study program is designed:
- to enable graduates for entry-level management positions in different global scale organizations, as well as to launch their own business;
- to provide students with knowledge, tools and leadership skills crucial for personal development and business process management;
- to develop agility, creativity and innovation skills for doing business and offering solutions to challenges in a rapidly changing world;
- to explore the fundamentals of organizational management and leadership, finance and business processes, apply interdisciplinary approach focusing on HR, marketing and project management.

The study program focuses on modern project management, the use of digital transformation, the need to attract human resources and talent management, business case analysis, the use of design and systemic thinking in strategic management and leadership.

The language of the study program delivery is Latvian and English in different modes – in the University Campus and as a distance learning.

Admission to the study program of 2020/2021 academic year will take place starting from June 2020 - by applying  electronically.

More information is available :

The study program development is co-funded by ESF project No. /18 /A/008 “Support for the development of study programs offered at BA School of Business and Finance in EU languages”


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