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CEEMAN EXCLUSIVES Present Dominique Turcq's Keynote

Read an abstract from the keynote speech at the 29th CEEMAN Annual Conference. This keynote address is the first in a series of conference exclusives we will be publishing on our website and social media over the next few months to give you a glimpse of the exceptional content we offer at CEEMAN conferences.

Read an exclusive keynote speech at the CEEMAN 2021 conference by world-renowned business educator Dominique Turcq, founder of Boostzone Institute France.

Turcq gives us a complex overview of the current challenges in management education. His main idea is, in his words, "Management education needs to evolve because the world is evolving, influenced by a variety of factors and especially by new, potentially disruptive technologies." Turcq speaks of three combinations of technologies, the new REDUX digital complex, the new human enhancement technology (HET) complex, and the new ecological complex. He gives practical examples of all three, how they can be combined, and explains exactly how they can be used in the management education ecosystem, both in content and delivery. His comprehensive overview also includes the perspectives of all the major players in the management field, from content providers to consultants to students and executives.

The business model of management education is being "challenged," but thanks to Dominique Turcq and other great minds in business education, we can close the conceptual and practical gaps. To use Turcq's words again, "Let us see the new technological issues as a great opportunity to take management education to new heights. Let us innovate and invent the management education of tomorrow!"

Read the full keynote here.

We invite you all to be a part of this salient experience and knowledge creation at the jubilee 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Bled on 21-23 September 2022! 

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