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CEEMAN Exclusives Present Mark Smith

We invite you to read the speech of Mark Smith, Director of University of Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa, presented at 29th CEEMAN Annual Conference on the Growing Competition. Here we are introducing to you the glimpse of the exceptional content that create CEEMAN Conferences.

In his speech he is underlining three elements as a response to speech of Dr. Meehan and he organizes it in three categories: differentiation, the human side of learning and the need to innovate. All three join forces at the most important intangible: people.
He also expands the notion of rigour and excellence which brings along academic foundation in which particular elements of education system function and consequently can educational institutions create differentiation. He sees diversity in people and their capabilities to create - in contrast to computers, who all function the same. In his words, the basis of diversity is education.  

Underpinning how important the human capital is, he presents as an example the alumni: 
“the human side is also the alumni network that we have. These are the connections to ecosystem that carry the pride that graduates have in their schools. One of the thing that touches me greatly is that the alumni love their schools.”

With life-long learning, the need for micro-credentials and flexibility, he sees the opportunity of educational institutions to create in the sense of differentiation, the value added they can collect in all the ecosystems they have available and establish their own ecosystem of knowledge by which they differentiate form others. This is, he points out, the way to be competitive with new ways of learning and development of competences that is now on the rise.   

You can access the full version of the speech here.

The business model of management education is being "challenged", but thanks to Mark Smith and other great minds in business education, we can close the conceptual and practical gaps. We invite you all to be a part of this salient experience and knowledge creation at the jubilee 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Bled on 21-23 September 2022! 

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