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CEEMAN Exclusives: Seán Meehan

We invite you to read the speech by Seán Meehan, Dean of MBA Program, IMD Lausanne, Switzerland, given at the 29th CEEMAN Annual Conference on growing competition. This abstract is the second in the series of CEEMAN Conference Exclusives in order to give you a glimpse of the exceptional content we offer at CEEMAN conferences.

In his speech, Seán Meehan emphasized that traditional formats of business schools are not even close to being competitive, even if the attendance and interest in well-established schools is higher, especially after the pandemics. Business schools are facing strong disruption from companies that are rising and we have never heard of before and precisely know what kind of employee they need. Nonetheless, he believes that it is traditional business schools that will adopt new modalities and will reach our students in every part of the world that are the true competition.

 Subsequently, he also underlines that not only the credentials, but micro-credentials and lifelong learning, particularly digital learning, are core to employee growth. Here are his thoughts on employees' needs: 

Employers say they need digitalization, cyber security, data science, block chain, ect. They also mention empathy, creativity, ability to lead through a crisis, and versatility. In addition to having MBA skills, executives should be strategic thinkers, communicators, versatile, capable of taking leadership, ect.”

 Furthermore, he sees the gap between long-term and short-term expectancies toward the employees, long-term being the expectation that employee develops his knowledge. 

You can access the full version of the speech here.

The business model of management education is being "challenged", but thanks to Seán Meehan and other great minds in business education, we can close the conceptual and practical gaps. We invite you all to be a part of this salient experience and knowledge creation at the jubilee 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Bled on 21-23 September 2022! 


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