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New CEEMAN IQA Accreditations Awarded

CEEMAN is proud to announce that WSB University from Poland and School of Business of BSU from Belarus have been awarded initial IQA accreditation for the period of six years. CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation is awarded to institutions that are committed to continuous improvement and are providing the delivery of high quality educational programs through excellence as well as relevance.

WSB University operates in Poland and offers bachelor, master, PhD and postgraduate programmes. One can choose from 15 fields of study and over 100 specialties. Their educational offer has been designed to meet the requirements of modern labour market so that the graduates become competitive on the labour market and have the opportunity to pursue successful careers.

“Obtaining CEEMAN accreditation allows the WSB University to build an international reputation, establish valuable partner relations with universities and educational institutions from all over the world. The presence of the University in the accreditation organization like CEEMAN means beneficial access to knowledge and experience, by the participation in a wide international exchange network. The awarded accreditation is a guarantee that the WSB University delivers internationally recognized management education, participates in relevant research activities, demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and applies responsible leadership practices. CEEMAN IQA shows that the WSB University provides its graduates with practical knowledge, skills and competences to meet corporate needs.”

Dr. Sabina Ratajczak
Vice-Rector for Development
Director of the Center for the Quality of Education and Innovation

Read more about WSB:

School of Business of Belarusian State University (est. in 1996) is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the right to carry out training in 5 specialities of Bachelor’s Degree, 14 specialities of Master’s Degree, 16 specialities of retraining of executives and specialists. In 2018, the School was renamed into the State Institution of Education “School of Business of Belarusian State University”.

The School defines its purpose as:
- Training competent, competitive specialists and managers, as well as highly qualified scientists.
- Providing full scope to obtain a set of educational services in the field of management, economics, business, logistics, finance and information technology.
- Building of future specialist into specialist with active citizenship, high spirituality and social responsibility.
- Development of creative abilities in students, their involvement in active research activities and participation in innovative solutions of the international level.
- Active partnership in the system of national and international scientific, educational and innovative cooperation.
- Development of social partnership and corporate culture based on high ethical standards.

Read more about School of Business of BSU:

Congratulations to both institutions and welcome to IQA family!

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