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CEEMAN IQA Quick Scan Workshop

Ever wondered how to use international accreditation as a management tool for institutional development? The IQA Quick Scan Workshop during the 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference is the perfect place for you to measure your institution's maturity using the guidelines from CEEMAN IQA, areas of assessment, and the three dimensions - Relevance, Excellence, and Dynamism.

→ When and where?
On the first day of the 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference in Bled, Slovenia (September 21, 2022, 17:30-19:00), we will hold an IQA Quick Scan Workshop. This highly engaging session will be used to assess the current state of your institution in terms of Excellence, Relevance and Dynamism. Together with the director of CEEMAN IQA, Ivo Matser, and the head of the IQA office, Slađana Milašinović, you will use the framework of CEEMAN IQA to encourage you to reflect on your own institution.

→ How?
Anyone interested in the workshop will receive a short survey one week before the event. We will use the workshop to analyze the results and cross-reference them to the eight IQA areas of assesment and the three dimensions of IQA.

During the workshop, we will walk you through the IQA methodology and you will be able to present your own institution's level of development on the spot. Since CEEMAN is a learning community, you will also have the opportunity to interact with your peers.

→ How to sign up?
To attend the IQA Quick-Scan Workshop, you must register for the conference and indicate on the registration form that you would like to join us in IQA session. For more information about the 30th CEEMAN Annual Conference, please visit our website and register here.

→ What is the outcome of the Workshop?
After the workshop, you will be able to prioritize more accurately and increase your impact effectively. It will also prepare your institution for the next stage of your accreditation ambitions.

→ What is IQA?
CEEMAN IQA is an international quality accreditation, enhancing management education through a unique process which emphasizes:

  • high quality standards (EXCELLENCE),
  • the relevance of an institution’s activities in responding to meeting the development needs of its customers and markets (RELEVANCE),
  • and the imperative of change and innovation (DYNAMISM).

All three are considered essential criteria for accreditation in meeting the development demands of the rapidly changing world of executive practice.

CEEMAN IQA framework is based on the three above-mentioned dimensions and the following seven areas of assessment:

  • Strategy and Objectives
  • Governance and Structures
  • Knowledge Creation (Research)
  • Knowledge Transfer (Education)
  • Resources
  • Continuous Improvement/Innovation
  • Commitment to Responsible Practices

The framework will be used during the workshop in order to enocurage you to think about your own institution.

Slađana Milašinović
, Head of CEEMAN IQA Office
tel: +386 4 57 92 535

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