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CEO LvBS Yaryna Boichuk on online and offline business education

Conscious education — what is it like? What motivates and makes already successful people move forward? You may find the answers to those questions and information on the advantages and disadvantages of online education in the flash quotes by Yaryna Boichuk, Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS) CEO, in the July issue of AIR magazine

Why today is the perfect time for education?

“The perfect time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… That is why today is another perfect time to plant a tree…” This also refers to education if speaking in terms of lifelong learning. I think we cannot allow ourselves to stop and state that everything is already known, whereas the environment we live in changes continuously. On one hand, it may be frightening, but on the other hand — at least we may be ready for those continuous changes and be able to confront them. At most, we may use such changes to improve our business, career, our points of interest, and areas of realization. So today is the time to arm ourselves with knowledge and be ready to implement it for business or career growth.

Why successful people must continue their education, even when their business is well-established?

Entrepreneurs are distinguished by their commitment, as there is no limit to perfection. Those who survive and flourish drive their own business. For example, in a time of crisis, we need to think thoroughly about what spheres to invest in, even when those investments are small. Why do we hear from all around that the crisis is an opportunity? Well, at such times, the price is small but the future value may be higher. A true entrepreneur clearly understands that business is a process, but not a steady possession. There is always motivation for improvement.

How to overcome uncertainty and take up education at 35+?

You should ask yourself: “What is next?” And if you are certain about the direction you and your team are heading for and know what is to be done tomorrow, you may give up further education. If you are uncertain, this is the first call to continue your education.

It happens that the uncertainty grows from the underestimation of yourself and your achievements, i.e. self-depreciation. You may ask yourself such questions as: “What I am capable of? What if everyone is smart and I am not?” Another example may be: “What if everyone is good in finances, and I am not, etc.” You must understand the educational environment where you will find yourself. Whether the environment provides support for a person, who is willing to and ready to learn, or not. If the answer is “yes”, that is exactly the environment you were looking for.

One more point is that you should not underestimate your current achievements and think that someone is better or cooler. By no means do all feel confident in the audience full of unknown successful people.

What are the main three advantages of targeted business education?

  • It makes a steady ground for continuous education and development.
  • One may get new knowledge and leave the environment upon the completion of a course, or one may remain in the cohort of alumni and stay in the business community forever.
  • One can get informed on the latest knowledge, offers, approaches, as well as discover new senses.

What are the main advantages of online education?

  • There are more comprehensive offers. If you know foreign languages, in particular English, you may access a wider range of up-to-date information (you may get access to things that will be adapted and translated into Ukrainian only after the basic materials are studied, researched, and published abroad).
  • Up to date: you do not have to wait until the courses start, you may find all the necessary information right away (you only need to know where to search).
  • If you are not satisfied with the course preview, you are free to leave the course and take up another one.
  • You can cut on time and travel expenses. It is easier to categorize and keep course materials.

Disadvantages of online education:

  • You need to be completely self-organized and self-motivated to get it done and receive certificates.
  • You are studying alone, in your bubble, without any networking, which is very important for education.
  • There is no personal contact with teachers and experts. Thus, sometimes you do not have an opportunity to get a specific answer to your question.

What exactly must be online and what should remain offline?

The education must encourage you not only to get answers but also to raise your questions and penetrate the topic you are interested in. All is about finding out if it is exactly what you are looking for. Online offers are good value-for-money options for getting basic insights.

Whereas in the classroom you may have a better opportunity to think over and discuss with your colleagues some deeper issues that often refer to senses.

Apart from new knowledge and skills, what is the point in business education?

Those are new horizons, visions, and senses. While remaining in the business education community, we, by all means, receive a dose of motivation and desire to become a better version of ourselves tomorrow. This is a chance to be the first to find out about ever-changing things: new products, researches, and, finally, senses, which are inevitably changing in the modern world. Those are the values we cherish at LvBS: it is not about the numbers or achievements, it is about the way to an effective transformation of yourself and your business.

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