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EBS Hosted EGOS Annual Colloquium

From July 2-7 Estonian Business School hosted the international research conference EGOS, which brought almost 2,000 researchers to Tallinn. The general theme of the annual EGOS Colloquium was the development of organizations in the environment of changes and surprises.

EBS Hosted EGOS Annual Colloquium

Kätlin Pulk, Arno Almann

In the opening speech of the Colloquium, Rector of the Estonian Business School (EBS) professor Arno Almann said that for a small private university hosting an EGOS Colloquium that attracted almost 2000 participants is a great recognition and opportunity, but also a responsibility. “When EBS was founded, we were the first university in Estonia that accepted the huge challenge of offering modern up-to-date education to those students who dared to decide that their goal was to break through in the business world. Now, 30 years later, after neverending surprises and unpredictable situations, which also constitute the general theme of the colloquium, we can proudly claim that EBS is trusted and recognized at the internationally, and that our graduates grew into real doers, who are ready to offer some surprises to the ever-changing world,” said Mr. Almann. 

As the most recent example of that, Kätlin Pulk, Head of the Department of Management at EBS and Chair of the Colloquium, presented to the scholars who came to Tallinn from all over the world, the success story of Estonian startup Veriff, which just a few weeks ago managed to attract investments in the amount of 7.7 million US dollars for expansion of its business via Y-Combinator start-up accelerator. “The founder of this Internet-based identity verification solution is an EBS student, which proves that we are able to successfully prepare our students for taking on challenges and recognizing new emerging opportunities,” said Kätlin Pulk.

More than sixty topics related to organization theory were discussed during the 34th EGOS Colloquium, which took place in Estonia for the first time in history.  EGOS brought the most prominent researchers working in the domain of organization and society to Tallinn: among the 2,000 participants there were faculty members from world-class universities and research institutions, for instance, Harvard University, Imperial College London, HEC Montreal, Copenhagen Business School, and also such major publishing houses and publishers of scientific journals as SAGE, Routledge, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) is the largest international network of scholars in Europe with the headquarters of its umbrella organization located in Berlin.

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