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EdTech 2020 - boost your online teaching

Even though students and professors have graciously accepted some more or less half-baked online teaching solutions as an emergency measure, neither group will sustain that degree of patience if the same teaching and learning experience is to continue for months.

It is urgent that Business Schools and individual instructors raise the level of student engagement, teaching effectiveness, and overall learning experience in online teaching. That is why CEEMAN decided to respond to the most pressing needs of our members and create a program for boosting your online teaching game.

EdTech 2020- Beyond the Pandemic Emergency is dedicated to offering the shortest path to successful synchronous online teaching and aims to help individual faculty members raise the quality of their online performance while also improving the student experience and learning outcomes by making the most of the capabilities offered by common online tools. The seminar, which will take place over three sessions spanning three weeks, aims to set an example for engagement with a focus on interactivity and co-creation.

SESSION 1: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 (9-12.00 CEST)

The first session begins with the key insight that it is not the sophistication of technology that makes the difference, but our preparedness to adapt our styles and methods so that we take advantage of the native capabilities of digital tools instead of attempting to replicate our long-standing teaching routines that were honed over thousands of hours of teaching in the amphitheatre. The aim of the first session is to open the mind to the possibilities of online delivery by stimulating new thinking around presentation, performance, and the implementation of a multitude of teaching methods.

SESSION 2: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 (9-12.00 CEST)

The second session aims to set the playground where participants experiment with different approaches, styles, and methods in the process of addressing their own teaching needs and challenges. By sharing experiences and test-driving new approaches, participants will begin crafting their own online personas and ways of conducting their teaching.

SESSION 3: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 (9-12 CET)

The third session will tackle specific "advanced" topics that participants will have identified as having particular interest or urgency for them. During a modified World Cafe session, we will address topics such as assessment, socialization, or asynchronous learning. The seminar culminates in a celebration where participants will pitch their ideal formats for online teaching, drawing from their experience in the first two sessions.

EdTech 2020 will take place on an all-in-one award-winning platform (no additional downloads or apps) that allows for livestreaming, interaction, recording of sessions, participants’ profiles and interests, posting and downloading materials, networking, building a community and much more. The platform will be open 2 weeks before the event, through the entire 3 weeks of the program and after the event in order to create a community for learning and experience sharing.

The seminar is already receiving registrations from participants from all over the globe, so you are kindly invited to join us and register here!


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