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EMAS Summer Camp

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EMAS Summer Camp for EMAS Business School students and alumni held at the beginning of July once again proved to be a good way for the participants to exchange the latest news, attend interesting workshops, get to know new EMAS trainers, establish useful relations, unwind and enjoy the nature.

EMAS Summer Camp is a breakthrough event which combines informal, educational and outdoor activities available for free for EMAS students and alumni. This year the camping took place in Vladimir region and gathered those who were interested in a unique opportunity to attend workshops in the open air and catch up on the latest news with their ex-groupmates.

The first two workshops were centered around manipulation and helped the participants to get a deeper insight into safe manipulation techniques as well as to master some effective communication techniques aimed at securing the desired outcome. Learning how to identify manipulation, sort it out and even use for your own benefit with the help of counter manipulation techniques was also an experience that the participants appreciated.

The skills gained in the first two workshops were later reinforced in the training session aimed at equipping the participants with the tools helpful in identifying lies by analyzing mimics and gestures. Practical examples of how one can spot insincerity and hidden agenda as well as how one can hide inappropriate but show proper emotions in negations proved to be really useful.

Those occupying top management positions were eager to attend a workshop where a job interview was analyzed in terms of the key questions a top manager should elicit answers to when deciding whether a candidate will fit in his team. The participants learnt how to identify the candidate who will stay with the company for at least 2 years and prove to be not only charismatic but also resultative.

At the same time the participants were given an opportunity to look at a job interview from a different angle since one of the workshops was focused on the long-term goals in career planning and addressed the issues of measuring career success as well as ways of avoiding most typical career traps that managers face at the age of 35-45.

For those interested in alternative approaches to forming a team, it was demonstrated how one can make use of socionics when hiring new team-members and selecting those who are unlikely to become trouble-makers as well as when designing staff motivation schemes.

Travelling and sport were also in focus with the participants sharing their travelling experiences as well as discussing how sport can be of help in terms of achieving life and business goals. The head of “I Love Running” and “I Love Swimming” Nizhny Novgorod schools explained it to the participants how sport can help to improve one’s life significantly and open new horizons.

The event ended up with “The Rope” business game which tested the participants’ leadership and people management skills.

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