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Entrepreneurial Nest at UDG

Entrepreneurial nest is another innovation at UDG, officially opened on 9 May 2019.

Entrepreneurial Nest at UDG


Upon in-depth analysis and review of numerous incubators, accelerators and other types of hubs within Europe, USA and PR China, UDG decided to create something new and different and enable its students another – new entrepreneurial hub for:

·       Development of start-up ideas,

·       Development of entrepreneurial ideas,

·       Self-employment,

·       Access to various grants and funds either through external projects or UDG projects.

Idea of Entrepreneurial nest is for a student to go through process of education at University, specially designed workshops and lectures to reach the possibility of developing their own business, implement new projects and start up ideas in different areas of interest.

Having in mind mentioned above, on Friday 31st January at University of Donja Gorica held presentation and discussion on document “Ideas for Entrepreneurial Nest and commercialisation with action plan” including commercialisation ideas for 3D Laboratory and creation and development of new start-up teams.

Presentation and discussion were open for all professors and associates at UDG who want to join and be part of Entrepreneurial Nest.


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