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Gamification of Learning

Gamification is an approach that builds on the psychology of human engagement and capitalizes on the exciting, motivating and engaging strategies and design ideas from games.

Encouraging curiosity and creativity is a path towards changing attitudes towards learning, boosting student engagement and preparing students for a journey of lifelong learning. How do we equip students with such a mindset? 
 Join the Gamification of Learning online training programme starting on 19 January. In the six-week programme, you will: 
  • learn the basics of gamification of learning, how and why it works; 
  • work on your own gamification project (to be then scaled and applied in your class/programme/institution); 
  • discover how to avoid the downsides of gamification in business education; 
  • receive tips and tricks gained from years of experience. 
Register today and help your learners feel the joy of the learning process again!
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