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Gamification of learning: Designing an engaging classroom experience

Gamification is an approach that builds on the psychology of human engagement and capitalizes on strategies and design ideas from games. Applied in the educational context, it transforms attitudes towards learning and creates an immersive, entertaining experience. Join us for an online workshop led by Rob Alvarez for entry-intermediate level training for learning professionals who have no or limited experience with Gamification.

The training focuses on five steps to gamify the student learning experience. These five steps have derived from interactions with over 100 experts through Rob Alvarez’s Professor Game Podcast as well as two decades of experience with interactive learning materials at IE Business School in Madrid.

The online training consists of six live sessions. In between the live sessions, participants will work asynchronously (individually, as well as in peer groups) on an individual project based on their specific challenges.

Throughout the training participants will:  

  • explore gamification as a way to create a learner experience
  • get hands-on experience with using gamification to design a course/lesson, address a workplace challenge
  • deliver a prototype of a gamified course/lesson/workplace process
  • receive individual as well as peer feedback to apply the newly gained insights in practice 

 Target Group

This online workshop is designed for faculty members as well as programme directors and designers, who have none to limited experience with gamification and who are interested in incorporating new methods to increase student’s engagement and performance levels.

Learn more on the EFMD website and register today.

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