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Hot, Topical, Useful! Business Publication Insight Inside by LvBS Has Been Released Online

Lviv Business School of UCU has some great news. The fourth issue of the business publication Insight Inside by LvBS has been released, and it is available online! This magazine is dedicated to the asymmetric competition model, about which Adrian Slywotzky, the world’s top business thinker and LvBS lecturer, speaks so well. Prepublication started long before the quarantine, at the same time the magazine is filled with current topics and researches, which, we believe, will be a good mental pabulum for you.

In the latest issue of the magazine you can read, in particular, the following from our research


“Leadership on the Battlefield: A Study of Military Leadership in Ukraine”,

“David’s Digital Weapon or How Technology Changes Business”,

on the state of the family business - read the article “Family. Sustainable. Strong!”,

on the development of the startup ecosystem of Ukraine – read “Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Move on”.

LvBS lecturers worked on:

“Buy, Build, Borrow… What Strategy to Choose to Win the Fight for Talent?”

“The Master of Failure: Customers Experience as a Core of Jobs Strategy”,

“An Era of Neuromanagement,”

“Smart Digital Strategy – Important Component of the Dynamic Growth of a Small Business.”

Where would the magazine be without the interviews with the LvBS graduates?

Pavlo Gayday, the owner of AVTOLOGISTIKA, told about successful business, future challenges,

and effective solutions. 

Yaroslav Charkovsky, co-founder and CEO of a game development company CharStudio, talks

about business development, 10 million of users, innovation as a master development plan and the

good as a key value. 

Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO of UnderDefense, talks about education at LvBS, the importance of

cybersecurity, and explains what is the purpose of hacking your company’s security systems.

And there is more! Special thanks also to colleagues from The Ukrainians, in partnership with

whom we prepared this issue. Indeed, we planned that you would receive this magazine at one of

our open events or presentations, in the lecture hall or during graduation celebrations… but ... Most

of us are online now, and we are changing, yet the work on the growth of the Ukrainian business

remains the same. “Speed ​​of response and decision-making is important now, but you should also

give yourself time to study the situation, analyze resources, decision options, strategies and risks.

Such analysis, knowledge, training, experience of respected opinion leaders and experts will allow

significantly minimizing your risks, and, possibly, finding extraordinary solutions for your

business,” says Yaryna Boychuk, CEO of LvBS.

Therefore, spare some time for the useful content and review the latest Insight Inside, where you

will find materials in Ukrainian and English. Hurry up for important insights!

You can read magazine on

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