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How Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) reformatted its work at this difficult time of uncertainty

We have transferred our master’s degree programs to online studying during the quarantine period.

Of course, our participants miss the networks in the classrooms, but we have received positive

feedbacks from them about such a quick response to current events and the fact that the learning

process is not interrupted, but continues in a slightly modified form.

Business School staff have been in touch with business ever since the early days of quarantine and

we have received a request that most do not understand what to expect. In response to this

entrepreneurs’ need we have hosted four free webinars “Business VS Crisis”, during which LvBS

teachers spoke about business strategy, finance, leadership and the role of HR. The great demand

for such virtual events was confirmed by the large number of participants, ranged from 400 to 750

people, depending on the topic of the webinar.

At the same time, we were aware that our alumni and participants needed individual advice. That`s

why LvBS Consulting has launched a new project - Advisory Boards. During our online consultations,

our experts provide advice, taking into account the specificities of the business and industry.

Also, together with Center for Leadership of UCU, we have launched registration for case-quests - a new

format for educational communication with the audience. There are no best practices right now, so

Lviv Business School of UCU has collected 5 mini-cases from Ukrainian business in different industries.

Registered participants at first will receive mini-cases and then, during an online meeting, will

discuss management decisions and look for business solutions during a coronavirus pandemic. 25%

of the received funds will go to the doctors and hospitals’ needs in Lviv.

In addition, the School managers and executives are in constant contact with our participants and

alumni. We meet for virtual coffee where everyone can share what`s going on in his/her business

and get advice. As our participants say it is particularly valuable at such a time to feel the LvBS

Community support. 

Also, at this time, it is especially important for Lviv Business School of UCU to be in touch with its

international partners.

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