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International Insight Visits to Globally Renowned Institutions

Visits to world renowned global business schools which will feature presentations and learning experiences from faculty, marketers and other aspects of the institution.

You will also gain insight and different perspectives into how schools manage and implement their marketing plans and processes, as well as fantastic opportunities to build networks and benchmark with your peers from around the globe. 

The benefits include:

• Global networking with the potential for long-term collaboration.

• Candid round table discussions on real time issues, e.g. the role of marketers, governance, funding models and fund raising, team building, faculty development, strategy, sustainability, structures, creating a research culture, quality, innovation, negotiating with the central university, globalisation, technology, positioning your school, the student experience, branding, rankings and accreditation, alumni, executive education, curriculum design, portfolio management, and more.

• Head room, time to think and engage in current debates on the future of management and business education and different models.

For more information press here.

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