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"It was the best consulting I've ever received!"- how LvBS Anti-Crisis Advisory Boards work

Since the beginning of the quarantine the LvBS Consulting team has launched a new product called "Advisory Board in times of crisis". Here the teachers, experts and entrepreneurs-graduates of Pro Bono are consulting the participants and graduates of Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University  programs.

 “When we ask our participants and graduates why they have chosen Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University (LvBS) to study, most answer it is first of all because of the community - a sense of belonging to the large UCU community and the opportunity to support each other in a difficult moment. The COVID-19 epidemic, overlapping with the global economic crisis, is the time to show our community in action,” said Roksoliana Voronovska, the CEO of LvBS Consulting, sharing how the idea to launch a new product named  "Advisory boards in times of crisis" appeared.

In three weeks, 9 companies have already taken the advantage of the anti-crisis package from Advisory Boards. The meeting is held in the format of blitz-consulting, which is attended by experts from various fields, including financiers, marketing experts and HR-specialists. Together they analyse a specific problem the company has faced with the beginning of the quarantine.

"In 90 minutes, together with our client, we have time to divide his/her business into sectors, identifying problematic segments and offering the most effective solutions in various areas: starting from credit terms or crisis management to the strategy of scaling and segmenting clients and employees," adds Roksoliana Voronovska.

Those Entrepreneurs who have already used the advice from the LvBS Consulting Advisory Board are convinced that this format helps them to look at the crisis situation in their companies from different point of view and see new opportunities behind a mountain of issues.

Andriy Tylnyi, director of Pixel

"This meeting was extremely necessary right now and gave impetus to action. We have already taken  few steps discussed during the consulting. We are actively working in the outlined direction such as: the meetings with employees have already taken place, people are looking for opportunities to provide services remotely, we are working to find potential for new skills and abilities. It was the best consulting I have ever had!”

Olena Sozanska, Taor Karpaty, HoReCa consultant

"Thank you for a wonderful initiative at this difficult time. The format of the meeting is quite effective. In an hour, everyone said everything that could be useful. During the discussion, I accidentally came across an interesting solution and an opportunity to work with the company for the summer season in the format of involving their specialists in the organization of children's leisure. "

Khrystyna Oryshchak, head of the children's clothing store "Ptashenya"

"Thank you very much for such a valuable opportunity to consult. It's an incredible support and help for my small business. "

Natalia Smutok, the founder of the network of kindergartens "Innovative space SweetLychka"

"Painful optimization decisions have been made, the team has come together and joined the fray: A common threat unites better than any corporate party. My Clients have confirmed that the education of children is a priority. There are people who are ready to continue cooperating on a volunteer basis even more intensively than ever."

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