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Knowledge Building: AlmaU has opened an innovative Campus!

Almaty Management University (AlmaU) held an opening ceremony of the Knowledge Building - new intellectual innovative building. The Opening Ceremony was attended by distinguished guests such as Deputy Mayor of Almaty - Almas Madiev known Kazakh entrepreneurs, economists and politicians: the chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Cousteau Group" transnational holding - Erkin Tatishev, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the Center for Economic Analysis "Perspective" - Oraz Jandosov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of diversified holding Raimbek Group - Raimbek Batalov, Head of Committee of information and communication technologies and the green economy of the Presidium of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" - Murat Abenov and others.

The new AlmaU building, which was built by using the latest technologies, is a probably the most ambitious project in the field of education. Modern infrastructure, including coworking-centers, food courts, a place for relaxation, meeting rooms, modern laboratory classrooms; great design, versatility, innovation and usability in everything – are the main criterias  that guided the developers of the southern capital.  


The new Knowledge Building has a Laboratory of Neuromarketing, which belongs to the Graduate School of Management   - equipped with a video camera, microphone and mobile eye tracking systems Tobii Glasses 2, which provides objective data on the perception of consumers of different brands and the brands and reveals the hidden factors that influence the decision-making process. With the help of this technology, it is possible to study the visual perception of consumers when making a purchasing decision. The laboratory allows to conduct applied research using neurobiological analysis tools and expert conclusions for business. This project has no analogues in Kazakhstan.


There is also a simulation room of the Mediation Center and Center of Excellence   - it is equipped with four video cameras, microphones and voice recorders. The simulation room is used to resolve disputes and conflicts that may arise in the learning process, for example, between a student and a teacher (student and management, employee and manager, etc.). The situations are played in the simulation room and are recorded on audio and video, which makes it possible to analyze the process. The room is also used for conducting studies with focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews with the possibility of monitoring the process from the adjacent sector: whether the methodology is not violated, whether there is pressure on the respondents.


On the 3rd floor of Knowledge Building we have lecture halls of the Graduate School of Busines that are equipped with a smart system technology. The Graduate School of Business, which is the only school in Kazakhstan to have the AMBA accreditation, allows Almaty Management University (AlmaU) to enter the top 200 business universities in the world ranking.


On the 4th there is a Cyber -polygon "EngEcon" of the School of Economics and Logistics   (the general sponsor is JSC "Kazakhstan GIS Center", Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan) - perhaps the brightest laboratory in the literal sense of the word. It walls are painted in three different colors: red, green and blue and the laboratory is equipped with 4 displays, 7 computers, a projector, and an audio system. According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, two opposing forces participate in the simulation: the attacking side occupying the red corner is trying to breach the system; the defenders sitting in front of the screen in the green zone use preventive methods to isolate the attack. Each party has 3 computers. The blue zone is a zone of observers, where the general picture of the unfolding battle between "hackers" and "Information Security" (IB) is visible on the display.   The goal of cyber-polygon is to teach students to counteract cyber-terrorism by preventing hacking of databases and data leakage.


On the 6th floor, the attention of the visitors will be submitted to the «SMART-conference room" in which you can control light, sound, air-conditioning, projector, roll-curtains by an IPad.

All laboratories are equipped with innovative technology and work together with university partners - government agencies, businesses, media companies. This format allows the University to implement the principle of Win-Win-Win, according to which any mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides (Win-Win) should also benefit the third party - the society (Win). This is also an excellent example of the successful introduction of the theory of the "triple helix", the essence of which is the dynamic development of relations between the state, universities and business for the effective development of new industries and solving problems in existing ones.


It is worth noting that the new building will be managed in a new way. This facilitates the launch of the Knowledge Management System at AlmaU. Created to improve the effectiveness of university management, the Knowledge Management System processes the large amount of information flow (BIG DATA), integrates various information systems, and automates business processes.


During the opening ceremony of the new Knowledge Building, the president of the University – Assylbek Kozhakhmetov mentioned that the launch of the new AlmaU campus will give a start for the development of smart technologies in education in Almaty and will allow the progressive youth of the southern capital to see and feel the full support of start-ups and business ideas and is an excellent example of successful interaction between universities, business and government: "We believe , that the opening will be an important step in shaping the human capital of a fundamentally new quality, the new campus can become an educational entrepreneurial and cultural landmark of our city,  which will be an important point during the visits of distinguished guests, "- concluded A. Kozhahmetov.

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