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Lecture by dr sci med Aleksandar Djogo at UDG!

On Thursday, 29.12.2022. beginning at 12:00, at the University of Donja Gorica, a lecture was held by MD Aleksandr Djogo, subspecialist internist endocrinologist, on the topic: "Aging process in the light of modern science - possibilities of extending quality human lifespan".

During the lecture, Dr Djogo spoke about different theories of ageing, through the perspective of history, that is, from the first theories of ageing to modern ones. In the lecture, there were also words about ways, that is, modern research that deals with the issue of quality extension of human life, and among others through the perspective of nutrition (micro and macronutrients). Also, there was talk about various factors that negatively affect the length of a person's life, that is, the quality. Dr Djogo emphasized the importance of the research work of the University of Donja Gorica, that is, the approach to the field of food science and its importance. After the lecture, there was a discussion. The lecture ended at 1 pm.

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