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Marketing as a Shared Language

MIM-Kyiv is doing programs for the AmCham and DC Link on marketing

Marketing as a Shared Language

Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov is lecturing to AmCham

July turned out to be a month of marketing in MIM-Kyiv when it is delivering its tailor-made programs on marketing management for the companies-members of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and for the DC Link, one of the leading vendors of the high-quality equipment and components from leading manufacturers. Each program was designed to meet the specific needs of customers.

Started in a traditional face-to-face format,10-sessions AmCham program on marketing management fundamentals moved online. Dr. Oleksiy Vynogradov, MIM-Kyiv VP (marketing), Dr. Vadym Saveliev, professor of marketing and Dr. Natalia Bukhalova, MIM-Kyiv visit professor and CEO of the Ukrainian Marketing Group are teaching at the program. More than 30 persons are participating in it.

The program builds on MIM-Kyiv experience of working for the business associations. “We are doing our best to become a valuable resource for business associations. No wonder as we are sharing the mission of creating the critical mass of managers with the cutting-edge approaches to doing business,” Oleksiy Vynogradov mentioned.

Lockdown brought the new dimension to the marketing discussion. That and having representatives of both international and domestic businesses in the classroom created the unique group dynamics and many unorthodox solutions.

Another marketing program is tailored for the DC Link company and is targeting managers from the marketing, purchase, and sales departments. Altogether 50 managers are honing their skills to enhance the Company’s operation. Natalia Butenko, Head of Marketing for the DC Link Group explained why they decided on the marketing program and how the program enhances cross-functional activities and thus affects the performance:

"Any good business is about profit. Marketing is a sort of grease keeping the wheels of business turning. That’s why we decided on a marketing program for our employees. We want them to understand how it works and share common language. That’s 50 people, both seasoned marketers and those who are new to it are participating in the tailored program at MIM-Kyiv.

The marketing-sales-purchases triangle is important for businesses. All those operating in those areas should understand how that triangle works. Marketing is a link between other functions. Traditionally, marketing and sales are wide apart in Ukrainian businesses. They do not seem to see eye to eye which is wrong.

People from those three areas need to understand the roles of each other as well as the importance of each element for the business. Education comes handy here. We are sure that studies at MIM-Kyiv will improve the team’s morale and create a shared understanding of the final results. I expect that after studies at MIM-Kyiv, we will speak the same language. It is good for business.

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