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"Mastering Change" seminar on February and March 2011

Adizes Graduate School is starting it’s new season by launching 2 days "Breakthrough to Prime" seminar for Executives and Managers of various organisations and 5 days "Mastering change" seminar for Consultants and Trainers on basic conceptual foundation of the Adizes methodology!

      Mastering Change:


 Basic Conceptual Foundations of the Adizes Methodology


February 25-26, 2011 in Vilnius (in Lithuanian)
March  31 - April 2, 2011 in Vilnius (in English)
Adizes Graduate School (USA) together with Adizes Institute (USA)

Invite You to the 2 or 5 day interactive training course, where you will be introduced to the basic conceptual foundations of the Adizes Methodology™ .


 Course Content and Objectives

This course will provide a general introduction to the conceptual foundations of the Adizes Methodology™, covering such topics as “How to Solve the Mismanagement Crisis,” “Mastering Change” and “Managing Corporate Lifecycles”. Applications for every day problem solving and decision-making will be demonstrated and a framework for dissecting and addressing sources of conflict to make them constructive will be given. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the Adizes program for organizational transformation. The training will present the cornerstones of the Adizes Methodology™, such as CAPI (Coalesced Authority, Power and Influence), PAEI (managerial styles), the Lifecycle concept, and the power of mutual trust and respect.

Adizes Methodology™ lets You execute faster and more accurately

At the heart of the methodology is the fundamental principle that every organization—like any living organism—has a natural lifecycle, and it will exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behaviour as it grows and ages. At each new stage of its development, an organization is presented with a unique set of challenges.

How well or poorly these issues are addressed, and necessary changes made, determines the ultimate success or failure.

Age-appropriate solutions based on the Adizes Methodology are

naturally more effective and a better fit than the canned “one-size-fits-all” ideas offered by most management consultants.

Specifically Adizes Methodology™:

• Predict future challenges and opportunities;

• Become fully understood and supported by everyone in the

organization who will carry them out;

• Make it possible to implement critical changes with great

speed and accuracy;

• Promote an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, where

honest answers naturally surface;

• Avoid destructive conflict, actually turning it into a constructive

force for positive change.

 Target Audience

Organizational consultants, life coaches and agents of change will all find the information delivered in this course of significant value and benefit. 

University's lecturers, planning to start consulting activities or thinking to enrich their teaching courses by learning change implementation process would be able to benefit from the training as well.

CEOs of various organisations with solid managerial experiences will find answers how to lead their companies in more effective and efficient way.

Individuals new to the methodology as well as those with significant prior exposure will equally profit from this high level, wide-ranging perspective of the multiple subjects and applications that make up the Adizes Methodology

Course Rationale

The course will be delivered with a commonsense, practical approach to change and management.  Individual concepts that are observed in everyday life will be clarified and layered into a logical model of human and organizational behaviour. Two distinctively different outcomes, one desirable, one not, will become apparent. Practical tools for how managers and agents of change can assure that the desired outcome is reached will be presented and discussed.

The course will use lecturing, discussion, real world examples and multimedia presentations to facilitate learning.

Between first and second part of the training participants will work on practical case evaluation in order to deepen skills of Adizes Methodology™.

About Adizes

Adizes is a worldwide consulting organization established by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes serving clients who are involved in many diverse industries, and range in size from start-ups to members of the Global 100. At the heart of the organization is the Adizes Institute where research, licensing and training in the Adizes Methodology™ is conducted. The Adizes Methodology™ is a proprietary, structured system for accelerating organizational change that was developed by Dr. Adizes, and has been applied by the Licensees of the Adizes Institute since 1975.

Dr. Adizes has achieved world-wide recognition in three fields of management during his 40+ year career: from the 1960s he was recognized as a leader in the field of workers’ participation in decision making (self-management, industrial democracy, cooperative management). In 1969 he established the first graduate program in the world in the field of Management of Performing Arts (opera, dance, theatre, music). From 1975 on he has developed the leading methodology for managing organizational change

Dr. Adizes is one of the world's leading experts on improving the performance of business and government by making fundamental changes without the chaos and destructive conflict that plague many efforts.

He is Academic Dean of the Adizes Graduate School for the study of Leadership and Change, which he established in 1994.

Adizes Management Training and Development Programs are designed to help leaders at all levels improve their ability to build and manage a team that is “right” for their situation. Training helps participants learn how to choose team players and create a climate in which all can grow and prosper. The important concepts of mutual respect, balance, flexibility, maturity and ability to harness conflict are all brought into play. 


More information about TRAININGS CONCEPT, TENTATIVE PROGRAMS, TRAINERS, REGISTRATION forms and ADMINISTRATIVE details you can find in training programs:

For more information about training concept please contact:

Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas

Dean of Adizes Graduate School

Vice President of Adizes Institute, Europe

Cel: +370-682-43377

Fax: +370-37-205-676



For more inforamation about registration and administration questions please contact:

Ms Viktorija Kmieliauskaite

BMDA coordinator

Cel: +370-618-15852

Fax: +370-37-205-676


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