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MCI holds UNESCO Chair

Focus on future research, innovation & entrepreneurship | Prof. Antje Bierwisch as Chair-holder

MCI holds UNESCO Chair

The UNESCO Chair Team of MCI ©MCI / Aaron Heimerl

Launched in 1992, the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Program promotes networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration among universities around the world. Already more than 850 institutions in 117 countries are involved in the program, which establishes Chairs in education, natural and social sciences, culture, and communication worldwide.

Since 2023, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has also been part of the UNESCO Chair program: MCI Professor Antje Bierwisch is the holder of the "UNESCO Chair in Futures Capability for Innovation and Entrepreneurship" at MCI, which revolves around so-called "futures literacy" - the active examination of possible future scenarios and the ability to anticipate changes and create solutions.

Planned activities within the UNESCO Chair range from interdisciplinary research projects to courses in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. Using dynamic methods and technologies, such as gamification, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, these courses are designed to support the development of a sustainable and future-oriented economy and society. The newly developed teaching and learning modules are aimed at bachelor's and master's students in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as interested lecturers, researchers and executives.

"According to UNESCO, 'Futures Literacy' is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. In view of today's rapid changes and challenges, we recognize the need to specifically explore the future with its many possibilities and to pass on this key competence," explains Antje Bierwisch, UNESCO Chairholder at MCI.

Bierwisch works with an MCI team of experts from the fields of futurology, innovation management, entrepreneurship, and business education and psychology. The Chair program will run for four years. The official launch event will take place on November 16, 2023 at the MCI in Innsbruck.

"It is crucial to engage comprehensively with the future in order to develop viable solutions for the global challenges of tomorrow. The new UNESCO Chair at MCI focuses and actively contributes to this issue. Congratulations to MCI Professor Antje Bierwisch and her team on this prestigious, responsible, and important task," says MCI Rector Andreas Altmann.

"In order to drive innovation and research and shape sustainable solutions in our fast-moving world, we need to explore different scenarios for the future. By joining the prestigious UNESCO Chair program, the MCI contributes significantly to our location and once again promotes knowledge exchange between universities around the world. Congratulations!" adds Cornelia Hagele, Tyrolean Minister for Science, Education, and Health.

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