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New Business Seminar "Digital Transformation"

Business School "Zdes’ i Sejchas" starts a new business seminar "Digital Transformation" in Autumn, 2019.

New technologies make it possible to work radically new with customers, with suppliers, with employees, interact within the company and much, much more. In general - to work in a new way.

In order to help finding what new opportunities innovative technologies open up and what threats they carry, how the company and its managers should start working to “ride” these opportunities and “reflect” possible threats - Business School "Zdes’ i Sejchas" launches business seminar on Digital Transformation.

This course is useful for Executives  wishing to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that technology opens up for their business.

Seminar provides benefits’ illustrations that digital technology can bring to business; understanding how the business and managers should think and work so that new technologies successfully “integrates” into themselves. During the seminar,  processes modeling skills and the control systems design are also formed.


· Why do our usual approaches to business management stop working today and will not work at all tomorrow?

· What is the difference between growth and development? Moreover, why do they need to be managed differently?

· What is a “digital economy”? What benefits and threats does it carry?

· Why does automation rarely produce the expected effect?

· Why: “Data is a new currency” is not a fashionable slogan, but a harsh reality?

· Is it possible to automate management?

· How to design the desired result?

· Who should do business digitalization?

We hope that new knowledge and practices will bring great benefits to businesses developing in the context of a global digital transformation.

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