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Quality Assurance Academy 2023

The Quality Assurance Academy is a comprehensive training offer for business schools’ quality assurance professionals. It focuses on developing leadership competencies and managerial skills to meet the diverse professional challenges encountered daily in quality assurance/quality management (QA/QM) work in business schools.

“If you want people to make the right decisions with data, you have to get in their head in a way they understand. Throughout human history, the way to do that has been with stories.”

What story does your data tell? If you are not sure, learn how to communicate your institution's quality agenda at our upcoming online Quality Assurance Academy (QAA) 2023, starting on 11 September.

The QAA is a comprehensive training offer with a certificate for business schools’ quality assurance professionals. It develops leadership and managerial skills to address diverse professional challenges.

Specifically, participants will improve and enhance their capacity:

  • to analyse quality gaps between the institutional status quo and external quality reference frameworks;
  • to assemble evidence, synthesise and compile a QA-focused narrative that represents the school’s quality improvement trajectory;
  • to manage projects to fulfil project objectives on time and within budgetary limits;
  • to lead teams with authority and to lead sideways and upwards with limited authority;
  • to communicate the institutional quality agenda verbally and in writing.

Join us to experience the powerful mentoring within the QAA training that gives participants support, feedback, encouragement, best practices and expert knowledge and obtain your “Certified Quality Assurance Professional” certificate from EFMD Global.

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