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Read CEEMAN Manifesto in Short

CEEMAN Manifesto was published as a call for a balanced and relevant management education. Manifesto in Short is a more succinct version that might help to better understand the principles of relevance and excellence in teaching and research, and to apply them.

CEEMAN, the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, released the Manifesto “Changing the Course of Management Development: Combining Excellence with Relevance” at its Annual Conference in 2018.

The Manifesto provides the reader with a range of insights and guidelines :

  • The Manifesto is a responsible roadmap to a better future for dynamic economies.
  • The Manifesto takes a holistic approach to the purpose of management education, balancing excellence with relevance in research and teaching.
  • The Manifesto strategically positions academic institutions to become indispensable partners to business.
  • The Manifesto provides the rationale and imperative for change as innovation in products and services has shifted from the West to dynamic economies.
  • The Manifesto recognizes that a new path forward is needed to respond to and anticipate swiftly changing dynamics of global enterprise.

CEEMAN Manifesto in Short is available here.

The executive summary and full version of the Manifesto (including in Russian and Chinese languages) is available at, including the possibility to endorse it online and to share feedback on your own best practices of relevance and balance in management education.


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