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Part one of the AMBA & BGA International MBA Survey, polling more than 1,000 employers on the topic of MBA recruitment launched last month – with more than 51 million people reading across a variety of media including Times of India, Poets & Quants, The Wall Street Journal and Business Because.


Some 87%, of more than 1,000 employers that responded to AMBA & BGA’s Employers Survey, said accreditation of the MBA was very important or fairly important when recruiting MBAs in the future — more than any other factor in their recruitment decisions.

Almost half (46%) of participants said accreditation is ‘very important’, and 41% cited it as ‘fairly important’.

Other key findings include:

·      Employers hold a positive impression of Business Schools, with just under half (46%) classifying themselves as ‘very favourable’ and 40% saying they were ‘fairly favourable’ towards Business Schools.

·      31% of employers ‘strongly agreed’ and 49% ‘tended to agree’ that that MBAs had the relevant skills to make a significant contribution to the wider economy in their respective countries.

·      32% of employers ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement ‘MBAs are good problem solvers’, while 49% ‘tended to agree’.

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