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In July 2019, Business School "Zdes’ I Sejchas" will deliver Summer Educational Festival on the Soft-Skills Development in Minsk for the second time. This event helps the organizations to increase the employees' efficiency .

Any business needs creative, involved and enterprising employees who are happy working, offer new ideas and solutions, full of energy and enthusiasm.

Therefore, Business School "Zdes’ I Sejchas" decided to dedicate the second Soft Skills Festival “Summer Reboot 2.0” to pumping creativity and productivity.


• create breakthrough and competitive ideas;

• remove familiar patterns and get interesting solutions from employees;

• move from “why not” to “how can we do it”;

• stop walking on stop walking in familiar paths.


• employees had a resource for quick response to tasks and problems;

• goals and objectives remained in focus;

• important tasks are no longer postponed;

• employees' productivity did not flow through their fingers.

Therefore, the second Soft Skills Festival "Summer Reboot 2.0" is:

• 6 workshops on the creativity and productivity development from real experts.

• Only scientific facts, speakers’ personal experience, recommendations on literature, group discussions. And no abstract philosophy!

• > 10 work techniques for every day which can be done independently.

• Possibility to try practices, tools and life hacks.

• Lots of feedback, awareness and challenges.

• Pattern rupture and perception change as a side effect

Soft skills - the most important components of professional success now. No matter how high-quality and deep your knowledge may be, you will not become a tough specialist today without “soft skills”. Therefore, it is important to develop soft skills and put them into practice. This is personal baggage that helps easily and productively solve work tasks and constantly move forward.

Welcome everybody to our festival!

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