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Students of the University of Donja Gorica as part of the Interakt startup with the GoPedal project had a successful performance at the final of the global startup competition in New Delhi. It is really a great achievement to perform in the final of a big competition. In addition, it is a confirmation of quality work at UDG.

Our team had the opportunity to present their startup idea at a global competition, with global competitors and to perform in front of an international jury. Students presented their idea amongst very strong competitors and left an impressive mark according to the feedback from the organizers and mentors.

The UDG student startup presented the GoPedal project as an application based on the gamification process with the aim of creating a community of cyclists and an internal competition and reward process. The experience of participating in such a competition is very valuable both for the development of the startup itself and for the personal professional development of each individual team member. And we are proud of the successes of our students!

This project shows and represents what UDG prepares students for - global competition, global market, intensity of life and to be responsible citizens of the global world! Our projects, with which we strive to increase the abilities and intensity of students' lives, certainly contribute significantly to their regional and international success. New opportunities like the global competition become part of the new present at UDG and open the door to many student startups for financing and conquering new markets.

The GoPedal startup team consists of Tamara Pavlovic, Benjamin Dobardzic, Vladimir Borovic and Blerdijan Kolic from the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies. GoPedal is also one of the six award-winning teams and established companies (Interakt) within the Start1Up project implemented by the UDG-Faculty of International Economy, Finance and Business with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development as well as the mentoring support of MEBAN.


The competition is organized within the Arizona State University and Cintana Education network, which includes 15 universities around the world. Arizona State University (ASU) is the number one university in terms of innovation in the USA, as well as one of the 25 best universities in the world for MBA education. UDG signed a strategic partnership with ASU for at least the next 20 years, within which new chapters of development and global success are opening. Within this partnership, UDG will have additional access to new ideas and projects, respectable laboratories, materials, curricula and subjects, exceptional expertise of the teaching staff, but also providing special opportunities to young people from Montenegro and the region when it comes to studying, exchanging experience on a global level, new double degree programs as well as many other opportunities for students and lecturers.


ISC 2023 – International Student Startup Idea Competition is the final event where selected startups from universities in the ASU network are performed. Representatives of seven universities from the network reached the finals, which speaks volumes for the quality of the competition. The competition was hosted by Northcap University from India. The event consisted of a large number of activities from mentoring, visits to technology parks and incubators and a large number of lectures by renowned lecturers as well as cultural visits.

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