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UDG “Open Mind – Learn to play” Training Event for High School Students in Montenegro

In the context of EuroCC project, HPC NCC Montenegro at the University of Donja Gorica is organizing a training event called “Open Mind – Learn to play” designated for high school students in Montenegro.

The training is planned for High School students who want to gain practical experience in some of the popular areas such as internet of things, 3D technologies (3d printing), digital transformation, programming, drones etc. Participants are expected to work on exciting projects, based on the latest trends and technologies (using of IoT, 3D technologies, Python, Analysing Social Media Trends), and the acquired knowledge will enable them to more easily build their future in one of the areas they choose with this program.


In the context of EuroCC project NCC Montenegro and Capacity building activities – Roadmap towards the successful Implementation, selected candidates will have the opportunity to participate in training led by professionals in the given fields, and then to test the extent to which they can apply the acquired knowledge to solve specific problems within individual work or group projects. Within these training events, students will work on the latest technologies, while at the same time they will get to know modern trends from various fields, solving current challenges, practicing teamwork, learning how to think outside of the box.


Some of the themes include Analysing Social Media Trends – participants of this program will gain the opportunity to work in one of the most popular areas of artificial intelligence (AI) called Natural Language Processing (NLP), which aims to analyse text (social networks, news, books, etc.) and make decisions from them. Also, IoT workshop – ThingSpeak, Python GUI Programming, OpenCV workshop any many others.


Training will be organized during April 2021 at the University of Donja Gorica.


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