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X UDG School of entrepreneurship and innovation for the young

Montenegro’s business challenge –X “School of entrepreneurship and innovation for the young” is a project run by Student Business Center now for 10th year in a row at the UDG institution, held in the period of 21.-23. of January 2020.

The vision behind this innovative challenge is to waken the exploratory spirit of high school students, to introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as the importance of applied digital technologies.

This business challenge is traditionally held in the last week of the winter school break, and the host of the project was the University of Donja Gorica. This year as well, the project was supported by the Ministry of Education Montenegro, Board of capital market, Statistical office of Montenegro – MONSTAT, JU Dom učenika Podgorica, and companies Crnogorski Telekom – T-com, ComTrade and PLC Moraca, as well as the organization of Junior achievements in Serbia.

In the spirit of slogan “Only if you discover your talent you will lead your life authentically, because your life is you!” we invited all high school students in Montenegro to choose one or more areas for which they think they have talent for and to then introduce them as a business challenge. We suggested them topics that could be a subject of their interest such as: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, entrepreneurship, innovation, research, digitalization, literature, culture, poetry and art. Now organized for the 10th year in January this project sparked a record interest, noting hundreds of applications by high school students from different cities and schools of our country. After several selection rounds, 162 high school students got the opportunity to participate in Montenegro’s business challenge.

And by this our  high school students – participants of the competition Western Balkans Business challenge which in April will be held in Croatia, are going to be in teams consisting of 80 of the best students from 4 neighbouring countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 

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