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XII Internationa Stock Market of Entrepreneurial Ideas at UDG

The University of Donja Gorica will realize the 12th International Stock Market of Entrepreneurial Ideas this year. For 12 years now, this project has been a combination of strength, youth, quality ideas, and solutions to everyday problems

On the supply side, you can find your business ideas, which may be bidding companies and institutions as representatives of demand. Depending on the quality of the idea, which represents a synergy of your courage and creativity, the top 11 ideas will have the opportunity to be presented to the “demands” side on 09. May 2022. Traditionally, quotations follow the presentations. The right to negotiate has been purchased by the bidder who is ready to pay the highest price.

In addition to the top 11 ideas, other ideas submitted will be featured in the tenth edition of “The Book of Ideas”. It is possible to compete with market-oriented projects, products, and initiatives.

Since 2016, the Freedom & Entrepreneurship Foundation has started its work, which will aim to encourage young people to realize their business ideas. The money that the DEMAND for the owners of the ideas will be paid into the account of the foundation, which will transfer 50% of the funds immediately after the payment to the owners of the ideas, while the other 50% will be paid to the owner of the idea on the day he establishes a company registered for the realization of the idea. The deadline for founding a company is 24 months from the date of receiving the first part of the award. If a company is not established within this period, the foundation retains this amount and passes it on as support to other legal entities applying for the foundation's assistance, which will be discussed in more detail on the Exchange itself.

You can apply for the contest by April 15, 2022, by filling out the application at Application.

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