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BMDA board meeting

The annual BMDA Board meeting took place on April 3 in emlyon business school campus Casablanca, Casablanca (Morocco).


The BMDA board meeting was actively attended by the Anto Liivat  Member of Rector's Office (Estonian Business School), Inga Lapina vice dean (Riga Technical University Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management), Liga Perseniec Vice-rector for academic Affairs (BA School of Business and Finance), Virginijus Kundrotas BMDA presedent, Edita Gimzauskien Dean (KTU School of Economics and Business), Andrzej Popadiuk president (Gdansk Foundation for Management Development), Iryna Tykhomyrova president (International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv)).


For the first time BMDA board members anonymously voted and elected 2 BMDA members that received BMDA awards for Innovativeness and significant impact.


Also the host institution has been elected for the 18th Annual BMDA conference. It became Tallinn University of Technology – TALTECH.


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