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BMDA launches academic seminars

BMDA is starting faculty development program course composed of 3 set of academic seminars. Which will be implemented in September, November, December of 2019. The first set of seminars "Effective Business Educator” will be launched on the 17 - 18th of September.

Series of academic seminars have been developed in order to prepare academics for work in business education in time when the business world has become volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.
Each academic seminar will be organized in two days by balancing theory and practical tasks delivered by high level experts in higher education – professors who have been works for many years in business education and who also have worked for several years as accreditation experts.


  • To develop new insights into teaching and learning at business schools;
  • To improve student-based teaching skills in practice;
  • To get international view on teaching in different cultures.
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