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BMDA Significant Impact Award

The BMDA Significant Impact Award has been granted to GFKM - Gdansk Foundation for Management Development for its outstanding contribution to the growth and development of individuals, organisations, society and economy. The Award was announced during the 18th Annual BMDA Conference.

Andrzej Popadiuk, the President of GFKM, declares that this is the most important award a business school may aspire to receive. “The purpose of any executive business school is to provide its stakeholders with tangible, significant and relevant value”, says Popadiuk. “I  feel very proud that the BMDA Board has acknowledged GFKM to be an important element of the Polish business environment. For 30 years GFKM has been the source of leadership competencies, innovative ideas, inspiration and motivation for continuous development. GFKM is providing world class education and an inspiring learning experience which supports individuals and organizations in their professional careers and business performance”, continues Popadiuk. “We are dedicated to continue our mission of contributing to the socio-economic wellbeing by developing influential, forward thinking, responsible leaders and decision makers. I wish to thank the whole GFKM Team, the Faculty and Associates for their dedication and commitment as well as our Students and Alumni for the privilege of receiving with this outstanding Award.”

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