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New portal launched!

New BMDA IT portal creates more benefits for BMDA members...

BMDA IT portal creates additional and useful benefits for BMDA members letting to develop management more effectively:

1. Possibility to announce the news from BMDA member institution

2.Possibility to announce about the coming events organized by BMDA member institution

3. Possibility to announce expert CV's of the BMDA member institution employees as potential consultants, employees and etc.

4. Possibility to announce students' and graduates' CV's of the BMDA member institutions as potential candidates for internship in BMDA member institution or company as well as potential employees.

5. Possibility for BMDA member institutions to express the demand for experts, students and graduates

6. Possibility to announce about the projects where couple of Managemens academic institutions are cooperating, or where business company and management institution are cooperating

7. Possibility to look for potential partners in a project held by BMDA member institution.

8. Possibility to post articles related with management, PhD thesis, new methodologies, business case studies written by employees of BMDA member institution.





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