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The Global Adizes Convention in Monterrey

On July 22-29, 2017 President of BMDA and Dean of AGS Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas participated in Global Adizes Convention, which took place in Monterrey, Mexico. Convention were attended by over than 65 participants, representing Adizes associates, companies internal integrators and partners. During the Convention a number of issues, related towards methodology have been discussed and analysed.

The Adizes Methodology is a proprietary, structured system for accelerating organizational change that was developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes, and has been applied by the Licensees of the Adizes Institute since 1975. At its foundation is the fundamental working principle that all organizations-like living organisms-have a lifecycle and exhibit predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and age. At each new stage of development, every organization is faced with a unique set of challenges. How well or poorly these issues are addressed and necessary changes made determines the success or failure of that organization. The methodology is delivered by Adizes Certified Associates who have gone through a rigorous training and certification process. Adizes Associates implement the methodology in phases, as part of a systematic approach designed to help a client accelerate their development from one Lifecycle phase to the next, on their path to Prime.

The final point of the Convention was “Leadership sumit”, attended by over 70 top leaders and industrialists from Monterrey, Guadalajara and other cities in Mexico and US. The Founder of Adizes Institute, Dr. Ichak Adizes made a Lecture via zoom from Azerbaijan, which was greatly accepted by participants.

Adizes Convention was another important step in developing Adizes methodology globally.

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