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Home News Today, on the 16th of October, the second day of the 18th Annual BMDA Conference has ended!

Today, on the 16th of October, the second day of the 18th Annual BMDA Conference has ended!

The conference gathered more than 140 participants from 20 countries – Lithuania, Estonia, Chile, Latvia, Ukraine, France, UK, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Kazakhstan, China, Egypt, USA, Greece, Georgia, Norway

The second conference day was opened by the chairman of the conference prof. Sherif H. Kamel - Dean of School of Business at The American University in Cairo, Egypt. The conference had 4 panels, which analyzed different aspects of multidisciplinary approach towards competitiveness enhancement. They contained educational policy formation and effective studies organization at undergraduate, graduate and executive level, including shared success stories and practical cases.


In addition to that, participants took part in Rounds table discussions,  analyzing the following topics: Interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary / cross-disciplinary programs and courses as a part of business education and what learning methods are most effective to enhance future competitiveness; Challenges and solutions when classrooms moving virtual. Experiences, success stories, failures;  Is there a difference – studying management vs. studying entrepreneurship? What is demand for future?


At the end of the 18th Annual BMDA conference, BMDA team presented future projects, including Leadership Intelligence Program (LIP) and announcement for the coming 19th BMDA Conference. In addition to that, BMDA president Dr. Virginijus Kundrotas,  announced Yearly BMDA Awards and Institutions that those Awards were granted. The “BMDA Award for Innovativeness” went to The FACULTY OF ENGINEERING ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT at RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Latvia, and “BMDA Award for Significant impact” went for GFKM – GDANSK FOUNDATION FOR MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT in Poland.


The conference was finalized by the closing Keynote speech “Competitiveness in the XXI century”, delivered by Dr. Ichak K. Adizes, the Founder of Organizational Therapy and Adizes Institute Worldwide, USA.


The event was closed by the beautiful violin sounds, performed by the young Lithuanian musician Paulina Daukšytė.

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