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22nd Annual BMDA Conference: Insightful Content, Intimate Networking, and Esteemed Attendees

The 22nd Annual Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) Conference, themed "Mastering the Future: AI Impact on Business Models and Practice," was a showcase of high-caliber content, intimate networking opportunities, and distinguished participants. Over 50 professionals from 16 countries, including Estonia, the United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, China, the United States, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and Ukraine, gathered in Gdańsk for this prestigious event hosted by BMDA member, Collegium Prometricum.

Second Day: A Focus on Practical AI Integration

The second day, known as the "Day of Experience Sharing," emphasized practical applications of artificial intelligence in business and education. It began with a roundtable discussion on "AI Implementation in Associations Activities and Accreditation Processes," moderated by Dr. Ramon O’Callagan, President of Gisma University of Applied Sciences in Germany. The session attendees were: Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of AMBA & BGA; Zita Paprika, Associate Director of EFMD Global and former Dean of Corvinus Business School; Metka Tekavčič, Dean of the School of Economics & Business, University of Ljubljana; and Aigerim Kaumenova, Director of CEEMAN. The panel discussed AI's role in streamlining accreditation while highlighting the need for human involvement due to the unique nature of each case.

The day continued with a panel discussion on AI integration, exploring best practices. Giedre Rajunce, CEO from Lithuania, spoke on the voluntary and urgent integration of AI into various security systems, emphasizing the need for businesses to create value beyond mere service provision. Tarmo Koppel from Tallinn University of Technology discussed the importance of developing AI managerial skills, suggesting that management students should be familiar with AI methods. Maciej Zborowski, Director of the Department for Educational Quality at Kwiatkowski University of Business and Administration in Gdynia, shared insights into how AI can be friend or foe in university education.

Arkadiusz Skuza, AI Strategic Consultant and Solution Architect, presented a systematic approach to transforming traditional enterprises into AI-driven innovators, outlining a practical step-by-step plan that spans 18 months. Łukasz Borowiecki, Co-founder and CEO of 10 Senses, addressed the need for AI explainability in financial institutions' CRMs.

Closing with Inspiration and Recognition

The conference concluded with a special session featuring Jonathan Brill, Forbes' #1 futurist and acclaimed "Silicon Valley Legend." In an interview format, Brill engaged with the audience on topics related to future competences and skills, offering insights into how educational institutions should adapt to prepare students for emerging challenges.

The conference ended on a high note with a Gala dinner, where new members, such as Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences and Gisma University of Applied Sciences, were welcomed into the international BMDA community. The evening also saw the presentation of the BMDA Social Impact Award to MCI The Entrepreneurial School for integrating sustainability principles into its operations and academic programs, earning recognition with a UNESCO Chair for Futures Capability for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The BMDA Innovativeness Award was presented to Brno University of Technology for their CzechNanoLab+ project.

Overall, the 22nd Annual BMDA Conference was a resounding success, offering participants a rich and engaging experience. The event's combination of substantive content, meaningful networking opportunities, and recognition of exceptional achievements underscores its significance in the business and management education landscape.



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