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BMDA is taking part in project funded from European Social Fund

Baltic Management Development association (BMDA) is taking part in project funded from European Social Fund according to the project “Common abilities and international cooperation competence development of Lithuanian teachers’ and researchers’ in Management in BMDA frame” according 2007 – 2013 year ”Human Recourses Development Actions” Program. Project No. VP1-3.1.-ŠMM-05-2-01-005

Project duration 2010 04 01 - 2012 03 31, according to this project:

1.       BMDA has created a new interactive IT portal  and will develop it in the future.

2.       BMDA has implemented Competence development program for Lithuanian teachers and researchers in management field.

The goal of those seminars was to develop and to enhance competences and skills of researchers and academics in writing and using a case method, preparing a good international research publication, integrating research outcomes into teaching process and organizing international research and educational events.

The set of the seminars was conducted during period of December 2010 - April 2011 and consisted of four 2 days (16 academic hours) duration modules:

  1. How to prepare a good Case based on research data (6-7 December 2010) : participants got acquainted with essence of Case study method, its advantages and position among the others interactive teaching methods. Found out what are evaluation gauges for a proper Case. Participants got knowledge about structuring Case plan, how to identify its structure, collecting data for Case writing and how to process data and etc.
  2. How to prepare a proper international research publication (24-25 February 2011): participants improved their International publication’s preparation skills and found out how to prepare publication according to Journal requirements. Figured out its evaluation parameters. Participants will improve their skills in choosing the right Journal, writing publication’s plan and etc.
  3. How to integrate research data into interactive teaching process (17-18 March 2011): participants were introduced to research types their role in reaching effective teaching results and also to recent methods for reaching intense studying. During the seminars were presented information about quantitative methods and their integration to lecture and interactive implementation during it and etc.
  4. How to organize an international research conference (7-8 April 2011): participants were taught how to organize international conference smoothly, what influence conference success and participants satisfaction. How to manage to arrange everything in time, how to plan conference budget and got other organizational knowledge.
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